Society for Neuroscience conference

In november 2013, I attended the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego. Approximately 30.000 people from the neuroscience community were present here. I presented a poster and strolled through the poster sessions, the plenary talks on more (‘Neurophysiology of Human Perception’) and less (‘Blaming the brain: behavioral sciences in the courtroom’) related topics. I was very much impressed by Doris Tsao’s lecture ‘Understanding Cortical Hierarchies: The Six-Piece Puzzle of Face Perception’. She has investigated the entire face perception system in monkeys and she did this very thouroughly, resulting in an endless number of publications in Nature and Science.

The Cell publishing group organized ‘State of the Mind’, an event with some of the greatest heroes in neuroscience research, among which Eric Kandel and David van Essen. They discussed the past and future 25 years of discoveries in the field of neuroscience.

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