Permanent position at the University of Amsterdam

From September 1, 2018 I have a permanent lecturer position at the University of Amsterdam. I will be responsible for several courses for the BSc studies Psychobiology and Beta-Gamma. I am delighted to get the opportunity to introduce to these students some Neurophilosophical topics that are, in my opinion, very relevant for their development as academics in the field of cognitive (neuro)science.

The first course I designed is an obligatory course for all first-year BSc Psychobiology students about Neurophilosophy (including philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and ethics). In this course, student acquire different perspectives on topics such as free will, classification in psychiatry, human enhancement and reductionism. 

The second course is an elective course for first-year Beta-Gamma students (comparable to a Liberal Arts and Sciences program) about Cognition. Cognition is introduced as an interdisciplinary topic relevant for several current societal and philosophical debates. 

Furthermore, I will be teaching in several interdisciplinary research project courses and honours courses.