Philosophy and science lecture in De Ruimte

On Wednesday December 3rd, the first Duck/Rabbit lecture will be held in De Ruimte, Amsterdam. Duck/Rabbit Lectures are a series of monthly lectures during which philosophy and science meet. Each month two researchers tackle a subject departing from their own field of study, as we witness how the two disciplines clash/ooze into each other. During the first edition, Joahnnes Fahrenfort and me will investigate how neuroscience makes use of certain common sense psychological concepts, like ‘memory’, ‘attention’ or ‘consciousness’. We use these words every day, but do our psychological attitudes actually exist in the brain? How can we capture them in an experimental setting? And from a broader perspective: could it be possible that neuroscientists need philosophers to clarify psychological concepts and explain mind-brain relations or can they handle these issues themselves? You are very welcome to join the debate!

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